Saturday, 14 February 2009

Taken for a Valentine trip

Well I know that my OH is addicted to anything to do with trains having lived in a railway family's household and was even born in a railway house where the train ran through the middle, it had a corridor in it over the lines as the rooms were either side of the track (and it did have a green door).
BUT my treat today was to be taken to see the new steam train TORNADO and to be told to take the pictures. Well he nearly had the whole picture but it was so fast that I did not see the train, as yet I have yet to learn to love trains.
He has now taken a volunteer job as a guard on a small railway in a park every Sunday and more in the school holidays and is now hoping to learn to drive starting with the diesel one. There is one advantage to this I do get a whole day to get my housework done -- although I usually end up "playing" in my craft room or visiting friends.

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Happy Crafter said...

Hope you had a great day out Anne and wishing your OH all the best in his new job :)
Val xxx