Tuesday, 17 February 2009

Quick Makes

These two mens cards, the lighthouses were also in the box waiting to be made up, the mirri card does not show up very well on this one.
I have great difficulty in copying or photographing my cards and it looks as though I cann't even get my cards straight on the blog.

I have just made these cards quickly as my box seems to be getting low. The decoupage was already cut out, something I often do when I have a short time to spare, then when it comes to it I usually end up with quite a few I am not really keen on doing.


Liz, said...

These are lovely, You must have stacks of patience for all that decoupage!

Happy Crafter said...

Beautiful cards Anne i love decoupage its one of my favorite things to make, the men cards are fab too and dont worry about if the pic is straight none of mine are no matter how hard i try :)
Hugzz Val xxx

Chris (Wellnifty) said...

Love all the cards, the flower decoupage is beautiful. I think your photo's look fine, wish mine would come out as good.

Chris x