Monday, 11 January 2016

First of 2016

These are real mix - many were partly cut out previously and others were from an odd lot of decoupage given to me by a friend who is regretably giving up crafyting due to health reasons. I still have a pile more to sort from stash she has passed on to me.

Now the new year is hear I am starting holding my craft group again, we stopped over the Christmas period an it leaves a void each week.

These are from a precut kit, not sure which make.

Well I obviously did not take pictures of all of them there were more various shapes and styles.

These two were made using a form of paper scrap tequiniques, I enjoyed making the backgrounds and made a few more, now I have to find what to put on their fronts, very usefull for mens cards.

These are the "sporty" ones.

This few are from the "freebies" in 'Making Cards Magazine' last year and now I have found some more pages of other animals also freebies.

Childrens Cards

The last four were made from 'Lucido' peel-offs and metal templates that I have had for many years, I liked making them but after making so many I found it difficult to think of a new design for the front.
Hope you like this variety but sorry for the bad pictures --- now  was that the camera's or my fault, I think that I really know the answer to that!!!
Now perhaps I should concentrate a little on cards for men, there have not been that many made recently.

Thank you for looking.

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