Monday, 13 May 2013


 This card is a picture that I managed to make in CAP, my first one, but I found it too fiddly to cut out as a decoupage  --  just too many spindly legs.  I decided to laminate it and found that I could cut it out without having to leave a border, they say one learns something new every day.

 The good old gardener above comes to the rescue again, I have made many of these in the last year.
This is for our cleaners Sister and Brother-in-law, but I was not to mention their names??? No idea why she is not very forthcoming.

This pair of Boots are for another gardener, but I had to make sure the correct one went to him as he is a teetotal.

 This is for my Brother-in-law, say no more!!

It is a long time since I posted any cards but I am having great trouble with my second camera and OH says that as I keep 'breaking' them I cannot have another as I don't really need one, that's what he thinks, when I get out without him I will buy one.

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