Monday, 22 October 2012

From the odd box and an order

One for the box this Christmas, a traditional Moorhead
This one is  for a retiring warden and the request was 'make it as colourful and flowery as possible' but it is not easy to see if papers match or contrast well in the evening light now that we have these economy bulbs or is it just my eyes?
The snow couple are also for the 'box. 

Since finishing having classes for 8 years I find that I have accumulated a lot of prepared cards with layers for matting, pre-cut papers, decoupage and all sots of bits and pieces  left over from those days.  Much of  it I do not really have the temptation to use now.  I have put it all into a box with the intention of using the bits and pieces on a few cards slowly between others that I am keener on, well 'waste not want not' is what my mother told me ( I didn't do every thing she told me) but I have started, the two diamond cards are the first out of this box.

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