Monday, 13 August 2012

Decoupage Mad

This was a decoupage sheet with four different planes, in a lot of various shapes and everypiece was a different size, I have the rest to make up but it is quite a nice and simple man's card.
At a card class a few weeks ago we were given this shaped card, nothing else and asked to complete it, it was unfolded and a variety of ideas were muted before I demonstrated the right way to fold -- well I hope it is but then every card is what you make of it. I made myself a template and now have this pattern ready for use again.
This fan card is using a recycled fan made by my friend Gwyen on my birthday card a couple of years ago but I think that it will be appreciated by my grand-daughter also, and Gwyen will be pleased that others apprecite her work.
The background is a stamp that I purchased at the Farnborough Show. I did not re-alise that it was so large and have to use my cuttlebug plate to stamp it out, it is nice to have a background that can be used with no matching up to do.
This is a decoupage by "Rosemary" that I printed from one of her CD's.
I like this last one which was a freebie in a magazine, I had no idea how to use the assorted odd shapes until I saw one that had been done at class, I am inclined to go for equally shaped designs to match up, but I do think that these uneven sizes go well to-gether. Now to use the other half of the decoupage on another shaped card.

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