Thursday, 25 June 2009

A Mixture

This card has no subject, I just made it and put it in the to-be finished box to be there when needed. Looking at it here, the backing paper is nowhere as beautiful as in real life.

A New Home Card for a new neighbour.

I made this "Jimmy Choo" shoe for the granddaughters birthday, then when my friend said that she had not heard of these shoes I had second thoughts , this may also apply to the granddaughter. Thanks to D.J.Harvey for this one.

I have made these two cards to make for my friends granddaughters, they really have been a struggle as my enthusiasm has all but dissappeared, but, I am looking for it. Thanks to Sonya and Caz for this suggestion for Amy's card.

1 comment:

Sylvia said...

Anne these are just stunning, I love the shoe one mind never heard of it too....but still a stunning card...well my favorite has to be the cute companions got all these and they are just adorable...don't get time to play much with them.....

Hope your enthusiasm returns soon because I love seeing your creations

Loads of Hugs
Sylvia R xxxx