Thursday, 9 April 2009

Thank you for the kind comments that I have received.

Following up about the old railway station, we have had black 2ft square mats all over it for the last year,they have been collecting the slow-worms that have occupied the site, gathering them in buckets every few weeks and taking them to a safe place,this has been for the last year.
At the same time they built a new badgers set in the 'wood' (well the few trees they are leaving) and the badgers are supposed to have taken it on, mind you we have not seen them since they hibernated and they should be out and about by now. The 'wood' is behind the platform that is the furthest from us, (we are having the town houses directly behind us) and hopefully as they are immediately behind private gardens in the next street they will scrounge around there.
The ground was strimmed bushes destroyed and the top-soil is being taken off this week so there is nothing left for the smaller birds now. The fox and squirrels are still there as are the sea-gulls and pigeons.

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