Tuesday, 31 March 2009

Some of my Watercolours

We get many sorts of sail boats in the Solent, usually it is yachts of all shapes and sizes and occasionally a larger sail boat appears.

These are a few paintings that I have done, I am only a newbie with watercolours but at the moment I am trying to paint garden birds that are around here. We have an old Victorian ruin of a railway station that we look out onto from our lounge window and this had all these and more plus badgers, foxes and squirrels but as of this week it is being strimmed and cleared ready for the builders to come in, these birds will be disappearing from my view to be replaced with rooftops. Grrrrrrrrrr!!!!.


Chris (Wellnifty) said...

Anne, they are fantastic, how can you say you are just a newbie, I wish I could draw something that looked remotely like a stick person, lol.
How terrible that they are building all over our countryside, and an old Victorian railway station should be a national treasure. So sad.. Chris x

Joanie said...

Hi Anne
I love your paintings, they are all so beautiful, I only wish I could paint!
How sad that you will be losing your lovely countryside, and even sadder your wildlife. I hope you will still get some inspiration, and continue to paint, you have a great talent.
Joanie x

PeeJay said...

These are beautiful paintings Anne. The sailing boat is stunning, but they all are. It's so sad when we lose areas for wildlife but ..... you say there are badgers. Are there any setts on the land 'cos if there are then they're protected so you may be able to do something about trying to save it .....

Sylvia said...

Wow Anne, these are just stunning, and you say your a newbie at it.

Sorry to hear they are getting rid of the Old Victorian Railway station and building on our beautiful countryside, but to make the wildlife disapear too...thats so sad and an outrage.
Peejay is right you might be able to do something if the badgers setts are on the land.

Keep up the good work it's fabulous

Uniquely Myself said...

Hello from Canada! Just found your blog and want to say your paintings of these birds are just adorable. Very nice! Sandra